How Much Weight Loss to Expect After Liposuction

Liposuction is not a way to lose weight. Say that to yourself three times out loud. Good. Now you understand why asking how much weight loss after liposuction is missing the point of the whole procedure. Liposuction should be used only to remove area of fat that resist diet and exercise. You should be close to your ideal weight.

In any event, as wonderful as liposuction is to improving your silhouette and body, you don't lose that much weight during a single, average procedure. Let's look at typical volume removed after liposuction. Generally, the highest amount that is considered to safe to remove in one procedure is 6,000 ml (about 12 lb of fat and fluid aspirate), which is 6 liters. This doesn't mean you lose 12 lb. It means that the fat, blood and tumescent fluid that is taken off of you during the procedure will be about 12 lb, assuming that you go for the maximum removal amount.

You may even gain weight after liposuction surgery at least in the short term due to water retention, waste retention because of constipation from medications, the inability to exercise, eating quick and easy, high calorie foods while you recover, etc. If you do gain a couple of pounds, don't worry. You can easily work it off later. So stop fretting over how many pounds are sucked off and look at the overall picture. Set your goals for balance, not for being Barbie.

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